Managing Director, Pensive S.A.

Peter Brown

Peter is founder and currently Managing Director of Pensive, a software solutions company for information-driven enterprise, based in Brussels, Belgium. He is also a member of the Board of directors of OASIS – the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Systems – the global consortium that is advancing open standards for the Information Society.

Peter has 25-years experience working in European public institutions. He is currently on unpaid leave from the European Parliament where he previously headed the service responsible for information architecture and data standards. He has been heavily involved in standards work within the European Union institutions; at a European level through the European standards agency, CEN; and globally in OASIS and ISO. He was a co-editor of the "Reference Model for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)", now an OASIS Standard. He has been active in promoting the ISO 13250 standard ("Topic Maps") as a standard for facilitating information federation and delivering practical semantic technology solutions today.

Peter is a regular keynote speaker and contributor to conferences throughout Europe and North America and has also been involved in a capacity building project for African parliaments through UNDESA. His main interests are interaction design, semantic interoperability and "making the Information Society a safe place to be in", through greater attention to data protection, privacy and users´ control over their own "digital assets".