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Snorri Giorgetti

Chair & Founder

OpenID Europe

Snorri is since 2006 an Identity Evangelist and an OpenID Promoter. Snorri is the President and Founder of OpenID Europe, an NPO with the mission statement to help and develop the OpenID framework in many European countries and he was appointed as the OpenID Foundation as European Representative. Snorri is also one of the founders of the OpenID Source (OIDS) initiative, a collaborative work platform for OpenID.


Date Title

European Identity Conference 2008

Apr 24, 2008
Combined Session
User Centric Mastermind Panel


European Identity Conference 2008

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Ms. Bettina Buthmann
+49 211 23 70 77 23
  • Apr 22 - 25, 2008 Munich

Key Topics

  • Governance, compliance & risk

  • Scaling identity, provisioning and roles

  • Business-driven identity & enterprise information management

  • Role management is today, business role management is tomorrow

  • SOA & identity management - identity as a service

  • CardSpace & OpenID: understanding user centric identity management

  • IRM: how to control privacy and security of business information

  • eGovernment best practices and trends in Europe

  • Network access control & mobile identity

  • Authentication strategies

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