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Martin Schmid



Martin Schmid (34) is CSO of FinTEcSystems, a 2014 founded company which provides financial institutions such as banks with real-time financial data analysis that creates an accurate overview of a consumer’s financial situation and creditworthiness. Martin is Former Director Commercial Operations DACH for Klarna and SOFORT. He successfully established distinctive inside sales profit center with 13 employees in 3 countries – processed more than 35.000 merchant aquisitions and top Key Accounts such as flyerarm and Kabel Deutschland. Lastly part of the Klarna DACH management board.


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Digital Finance World 2017

Mar 02, 2017
Combined Session
Getting Closer to your Customers: How to Better Serve the Connected Customer through Smart Data


Digital Finance World 2017

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Ms. Bettina Buthmann
+49 211 23 70 77 23
  • Mar 01 - 02, 2017 Frankfurt, Germany

Key Topics

  • Beyond the Hype: Evaluating the Disruptive Power of Blockchain

  • Implementing a Digital Strategy that Lasts: Creating the Internet of Value (IoV)

  • FinTech 2.0 - Who Are the Ones that Came to Stay?

  • Smarter with Big Data: The Value of Customer Data Without Compromising Privacy

  • Moving Beyond: Creating Frictionless Processes and Products Throughout the Whole Supply Chain

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