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Hermann Huber

Hermann Huber

Hubert Burda Media
Hermann Huber, born in 1961, began his professional career with an apprenticeship as an electronics technician at SEL / Alcatel in Stuttgart, where he got in touch with international business in the field of communications technology at an early stage. Later, after several years in the international armed forces (rapid reaction force), he studied electrical engineering and computer science. As a proven specialist in the field of IT security and data protection, he headed the system house Intastic GmbH from 1996-2011 and was appointed CTO and later CEO from 2007-2011 by its parent company Ecounion AG. After a sabbatical year (birth of the son), Hermann Huber accepted the call to IT Security Officer and Data Privacy Officer International at J.Smalz GmbH in Glatten. The successful establishment of the international IT security and data privacy structure within an international medium-sized company was proven in 2015 with the 1st prize "Security Prize Baden Württemberg". In September 2019, the Burda company appointed Mr. Huber as CISO. In his free time, Hermann Huber is very interested in the subject of psychology, which he studies as a part-time job and can skillfully combine technology issues with the “human-machine interface”. IT security and Industry 4.0 are linked to a large percentage with organization and people. That is why Mr. Huber has a strong influence on the term “human sensor”. Mr. Huber speaks several languages, including German, English, Dutch, French and some Italian. Various additional training courses in the area of ​​operating systems, ITIL service management, ISO 27001 lead auditor, CISM or lean management round off the overall knowledge. Mr. Huber lectures technology assessment and business continuity management at various universities. Mr. Huber is a member of the Cyber ​​Security Advisory Board of the State of Baden-Württemberg.


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