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Dr. Michael Gschwender

Dr. Michael Gschwender

Lead of offensive security
Dr. Michael Gschwender is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with a unique perspective.

Academically, he pursued a career in Astrophysics, earning a PhD in Neutrino-Science.

However, starting in his early childhood and intensifying in his 20s, he also honed his offensive security skills and delved deeper into the world of ethical hacking.

Following his PhD Dr. Gschwender dedicated his career to making the internet a safer space by becoming a renowned expert for Darknet Activity, Phishing and Ransomware attacks.

Dr. Gschwender has predominantly served in leadership roles within effective offensive security teams, honing a particular expertise in Cloud Security. This specialization has allowed him to navigate complex security landscapes, identifying vulnerabilities and bolstering defenses in the enterprise sector by delivering a reality check via the Hacker view.

He shares his passion for security with other researchers, journalists, or other interested parties by collaboration or via his blog. He is a member of the Allianz für Cybersicherheit as well the nyan_pwn and credentials_unroll collectives.

Dr. Gschwender is currently applying his skills and knowledge in his role as the Lead of Offensive Security at Bitmarck. Bitmarck is a reputable provider of health IT infrastructure in Germany.


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