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ShardSecure is changing the nature of data security. We believe that all organizations can easily and securely enjoy the benefits of cloud adoption without surrendering control of their data. Our patented MicroshardTM technology desensitizes data for use in your multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments to:

  • Improve business continuity with self-healing data
  • Neutralize cloud storage ransomware
  • Securely migrate cold storage to the cloud
  • Maintain control, security, and privacy of your data everywhere that it is stored
  • Easily migrate data among cloud storage locations and providers without impacting application availability
  • Leverage cost efficient storage tiering

Our method of shredding, mixing, and distributing sensitive data makes that data unintelligible and of no value to unauthorized users. And while microsharded data is virtually impossible for unauthorized users to reassemble, our virtual clusters appear simply as cloud and network storage to your applications. This means minimal impact to your applications and operations when deploying ShardSecure.

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