Are you ready for Security Automation?

Are You Ready for Security Automation?

The webinar took place on Thursday, January 13, 2022
Webinar Presentation John Tolbert
Webinar Presentation Amitabh Singh

In this webinar you will learn about topics such as:

  • The business value of using SOAR to improve the effectiveness of security tools.
  • The key trends in the development and application of SOAR technology.
  • How a wide range of organizations can benefit from adopting SOAR.
  • Quick ways to deploy cybersecurity incident response automation.
  • The main use cases for deploying SOAR.

You might be more ready than you think. Come find out why.

Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) tools are the latest in the evolution of automated cyber defenses and are set to become the foundation of modern Security Operations Centers (SOCs). But SOAR is not only for large enterprises. The benefits for smaller organizations should not be overlooked.

Enterprises of all sizes are facing the same cyber threats and challenges of too many security alerts, siloed tools and teams, and manual incident response processes. Therefore, efficiency gains can also be made by adopting SOAR at the higher end of the SMB scale, according to Dan Sarel, VP Product Management at Palo Alto Networks, and John Tolbert, Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole.

Speakers Contribution

Join these SOAR specialists as they discuss how organizations of different sizes can benefit from SOAR and what they need to consider when starting out in their security automation journey. They will also discuss the results of a joint market poll on SOAR adoption as well as answer questions from webinar participants.

Author of KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass on SOAR, John Tolbert will give an overview of the SOAR market and highlight some of the key findings of his report. As a co-founder of Demisto, which was acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2019, Dan Sarel has an intimate knowledge of SOAR technology, the Cortex XSOAR platform, and the business benefits SOAR can deliver.

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Dan Sarel heads product management for Cortex XSOAR, formerly Demisto. Dan co-founded Demisto, which was acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2019. Prior to Demisto and during more than two decades Dan held various executive positions including in McAfee and Check Point Software and...

Background: John Tolbert is a Lead Analyst and Managing Director of KuppingerCole, Inc (US). As Lead Analyst, John covers a number of different research areas, outlined below. John also advises cybersecurity and IAM vendors, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, regarding their product and...

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Join this combined presentation to gain quick insights and hands-on solutions from a KuppingerCole analyst and selected industry expert, finishing with by a comprehensive Q&A for your individual business challenges.

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