KCLive VISION Software Supply Chain Risks

Rethinking the Risks in Your Software Supply Chain

Wednesday, Mar 10, 2021 | 4:00 pm CET
60 Minutes
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Taking Hold of Software Supply Chain Security

The “Solarigate” hack in which thousands of companies were exposed to advanced persistent threat (APT) activity has highlighted a new dimension of Supply Chain Risk. All it took was for attackers to infiltrate the SolarWinds Orion software development environment to inject malware that added a backdoor to standard software. In March 2020, SolarWinds Orion software containing the backdoor was deployed to around 18,000 customers around the world, subverting trust in software supply chains.

Supply Chains are decentralized by nature. Securing them cannot be done with centralized approaches. Rules, federations, contracts, and policies are not strong enough to govern this new category of profound supply chain risks. Don't miss this opportunity to participate in this forward-thinking discussion about decentralized cybersecurity in supply chains and beyond.

What You Can Expect

KCLive VISION is a new format for keeping our KCLive community up to speed on technology topics. Bringing together innovators, cybersecurity professionals and technology analysts, KCLive VISION is designed to enable a dynamic and stimulating discourse on state-of-the-art approaches to challenges in digital business transformation.

In the first edition, we will welcome Michele Nati and Jose Manuel Cantera from the IOTA Foundation to discuss how decentralized technologies can cover the “proof side” of a Zero Trust approach to mitigate supply chain risks. Martin Kuppinger, who recently published a blogpost on The Next Level of Zero Trust: Software Security and Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management will add the Zero Trust thinking into the discussion, which will be moderated by KuppingerCole's Elene Petriashvili.


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Understanding the SolarWinds Incident and First Steps

The SolarWinds incident made the news in December 2020 and continues to impact many organizations. Listen to John and Matthias give a short introduction of what decision makers need to know at this stage and which measures to look at first.
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Post-SolarWinds Software Security Strategies

More than a month into the post-SolarWinds-incident era Alexei joins Matthias to discuss further lessons learned and strategic approaches towards improving security in organizations depending on diverse cyber supply chains and their imminent threats.
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Jose Manuel Cantera holds a Master's Degree with honors in Computer Science from the University of Valladolid (Spain). He has also completed different specialization courses on Economics, Applied Research and GIS. Currently, he is a Technical Analyst and Project Lead at IOTA Foundation. He is...


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