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  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Friday, July 02, 2010 TIME: 14:00
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In this webinar, Kuppinger Cole´s founder and chief analyst will talk about his research findings for a recent report on vendors, which are, from the KuppingerCole perspective, Hidden Gems in the markets which we are analyzing. “Hidden Gems” are vendors which are (still) relatively small, less known then "the big ones", and which offer innovative solutions worth to consider. Even though there are currently a lot of other interesting innovations out there, released by established vendors, like for example Microsoft’s U-Prove. However, this webinar will cover only those vendors which are not (yet) stars in the worldwide IAM, GRC, and Cloud markets. Be surprised, join us in this interesting webinar.

Hidden Gems covered in this webinar might be established in a specific country (like “world famous in Italy”) but not that visible beyond that country. They might be successful only in a specific industry but provide products and services that are of value for many other industries. But all of them have a clear unique selling proposition and are definitely innovative. And all of them offer solutions which provide, from the KuppingerCole perspective, real business value also from a mid- and long-term perspective. Thus, they are worth to look at when looking for solutions in the respective area, e.g. Identity and Access Management with its many sub-segments, GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance), or Cloud Computing.

It is in the nature of grinding Hidden Gems that some will not become the sparkling diamonds we expect today. Some will become acquired. However, there are strong opportunities in selecting products and services of innovative, young vendors – of the Hidden Gems. And, notably, some of the vendors have a significant customer base in their market segments or are even amongst the market leaders in some industries or countries.


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