Hessian Evening

Hessian Evening

Networking Event
Tuesday, November 14, 2023 18:30—20:30

Handkäs, Äbbelwoi and Grie Soß - if you have no idea what this is, you clearly aren’t from the German state of Hesse. At cyberevolution’s Hesse Night we will present to you delicious culinary specialties from one of the historically and economically most significant of Germany’s 16 states.

Unleash Your Inner Hessian at Hesse Night

To get you started, here is some useful vocabulary to use when navigating the urban landscape in Frankfurt or the Hesse Night:

Äbbelwoi [ˈæpəl wˈɔɪ ] - Apple cider
Bembel [bæmbəl] - Hessian earthenware jug, grey with blue decoration, for serving apple cider
Geripptes [ɡjˈʊɹɹɪptə] - Special tumbler for apple wine in Hesse
Handkäs [hˈʌnt kˈeɪs ] - Marinaded (German) hand cheese
Grie Soß [ɡɹˈiː sˈoʊs] - Frankfurt green sauce
Ai Gude Wie [ˈaɪ ɡˈʊdə wˈiː] - Hello, how are you?

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