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Surviving between the Cyber Frontlines

Surviving between the Cyber Frontlines

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 17:30—18:00
Location: Plateau
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Even before Russia`s war of aggression against Ukraine upended the international order it was clear that a new form of “hybrid conflict” had become the new normal.  While it may seem obvious that cyber means have long played a decisive role in this new form of state aggression, both the actors, targets, and goals are often misunderstood.  Instead of cyberwar the battle is often information war, the means are ransomwar rather than ransomware, and there are only two types of potential victims - those that know they are a target, and those that do not yet know. But there are positive developments as well, and boards and the c-level are likely to be  more receptive to their CISOs in the future – if they can craft the right messages.

Dr. Alexander Klimburg
Senior Fellow, former Head of the Center for Cybersecurity at the World Economic Forum
The Hague Center for Strategic Studies
Dr. Alexander Klimburg is an author and adviser on cybersecurity and Internet governance.  Currently he is a Senior Fellow at The Hague Center for Strategic Studies (The Hague) and the...
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