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Global Interoperability for Wallets

Global Interoperability for Wallets

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 12:00—13:00
Location: C 01

Panel: Bridging Borders: Achieving Global Interoperability for Identity and Payment Wallets

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The "Bridging Borders" session at EIC 2024 focuses on the pivotal challenge and opportunity of creating a seamless global framework for identity and payment wallets. As digital transformation accelerates, the need for a robust, interoperable system that transcends geographical, technological, and regulatory boundaries has never been more critical. This one-hour session will explore the advancements, challenges, and collaborative efforts required to achieve universal interoperability for identity verification and financial transactions.

Participants will engage with leading experts and thought leaders who are at the forefront of shaping the future of digital identity and payment ecosystems. The discussion will encompass a range of key topics, including:

  • Technological Harmonization: Examining the technological innovations and standards driving interoperability in digital wallets, and how these technologies can be harmonized across different platforms and countries.
  • Regulatory Alignment: Navigating the complex landscape of international regulations, understanding how policies can be aligned or adapted to facilitate seamless and secure cross-border identity verification and transactions.
  • Security and Privacy: Addressing the critical aspects of data security and user privacy in the global interoperability context, exploring mechanisms to protect sensitive information while ensuring a frictionless user experience.
  • Case Studies of Success: Sharing real-world examples of successful interoperability initiatives, analyzing what worked, the obstacles overcome, and the lessons learned that can be applied to future projects.
  • The Road Ahead: Discussing the future trajectory of global interoperability for identity and payment wallets, including emerging technologies, potential disruptors, and the evolving needs of consumers and businesses.

"Bridging Borders: Achieving Global Interoperability for Identity and Payment Wallets" is more than a session; it's a collaborative platform for stakeholders from various sectors to converge, share insights, and forge the path towards a globally connected, secure, and efficient digital future.

Marie Austenaa
Head of Digital Identity
Visa Europe
Marie Austenaa, Head of Digital Identity at Visa Europe and Board Chair of the Open Wallet Foundation at the Linux Foundation, is a highly experienced speaker and expert in digital identity and...
Franklin Garrigues
Vice President, External Ecosystems
TD Bank Group
I lead the External Ecosystems team at TD and we are responsible for future-proofing the bank. The External Ecosystems team: Elevates TD's partnerships and strategic relationships across the...
Ramesh Narayanan
Ramesh serves as the CTO at MOSIP (mosip.io) an open source non-profit program where he is instrumental in creating products for foundational identity (Mosip Identity), Digital Identity (eSignet)...
Suprit Pradhan
Project Manager
National Digital Identity Project of Bhutan, Druk Holding and Investment
Suprit Pradhan has been the Project Manager of the NDI Project of Bhutan under Druk Holdings and Investments (DHI) since 2020. With over 13 years of corporate experience, he has honed expertise in...
Didier Serra
Head of Digital Trust Services
Gen Digital
Didier Serra leads Gen Digital's consumer-centric data exchange and digital trust services, encompassing the development of go-to-market and product strategies, implementation of commercial and...
Panel: Open Source Wallets

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Dirk Backofen
Tribe Lead Digital Identities
T-Systems International GmbH
Dirk Backofen is the Tribe Lead Digital Identities of T-Systems International GmbH. In this role Dirk is accountable for a new Business Unit including all technologies like SSI, eID, Smart eID and...
Loffie Jordaan
Business Solutions Architect
AAMVA - American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
Loffie Jordaan is a Business Solutions Architect at AAMVA. He currently focuses on digital identity management, including mobile driver’s licenses and the ecosystem required to make them...
Rob Otto
Ping Identity
Rob is a Principal Architect for Ping Identity in the UK and also the EMEA representative to the Ping Identity CTO Office. Rob has 20 years experience in identity and access management. He has...
Konstantin Papaxanthis
Group CEO & Founder
Scytáles AB
Founder and CEO of Scytáles AB, the frontrunner in secure digital identity solutions, with the vision to build trust in the digital world and generate social and economic benefits to society...
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