AI Will Not Do the CISO's Job

AI Will Not Do the CISO's Job

Thursday, November 16, 2023 15:40—16:00

As artificial intelligence continues its upward trajectory, a radical proposition emerges: Could AI take the helm of cybersecurity leadership? This bold discourse dives into the heart of this debate, exploring whether AI can effectively shoulder responsibilities traditionally assigned to a chief information security officer. Areas of exploration include AI's potential in threat detection, vulnerability assessment, and incident response.

But where does human judgment fit into this AI-dominated picture? Is the seasoned expertise of a CISO irreplaceable? This electrifying discussion stirs the pot of the future of cybersecurity leadership, grappling with the balance between emerging AI capabilities and indispensable human expertise.

Thomas Tschersich
Deutsche Telekom
Thomas Tschersich, Diploma in engineering (University of Applied Sciences), is Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Deutsche Telekom AG. In this function, he is responsible for cyber security as well as...
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