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A taste of AI & Phishing 2.0, a data rodeo

A taste of AI & Phishing 2.0, a data rodeo

Thursday, November 16, 2023 14:50—15:10
Location: Sirius
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This session provides palpable illustrations of the latest LLM technologies and hands-on suggestions on how to tackle the challenges arising from automated, emotionally aware, and generative AI prompted with malicious intent.

What will digital deception and trickery look like in the age where today’s youth become the standard bearers of our digital world? Times of e.g. required proof of personhood, predicted behavioural biometrics, and advanced data brokerage.

How are social engineering tools, tactics, and procedures evolving? What can we expect? And how can we prepare?

In this presentation, Emilie van der Lande, certified information privacy professional (CIPP/E) and certified by MIT in Artificial Intelligence’s implications on business and strategy, will explore prevention and detection tips to be a step ahead of the shifting paradigms of Cyber Deceptology.

Emilie van der Lande
Cyber Risk Consultant
Emilie combines expertise in Digital Identity, Data Privacy, and Cyber Strategy, offering a multifaceted perspective at the crossroads of technology, law, and business. Emilie is equipped with a...
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