Technical Lab: Build Your AI Cybersecurity Toolkit

Technical Lab: Build Your AI Cybersecurity Toolkit

Thursday, November 16, 2023 11:15—12:15

Cybersecurity will never be the same again as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have emerged as transformative forces.   

These technologies excel at detecting and predicting cyber threats by processing massive amounts of data and identifying anomalies. ML, a subset of AI, continuously learns from data, enabling it to autonomously counter emerging threats. Predictive analytics powered by ML enables proactive defense against potential vulnerabilities. As cyber threats become more sophisticated, AI and ML are the pillars of a dynamic and resilient defense strategy. 

Selecting and assembling the right set of capabilities to form your customized AI cybersecurity toolkit requires an assessment of an organization's specific security needs and vulnerabilities. It will involve the selection of advanced AI and ML technologies that can proactively detect, predict, and respond to various cyber threats. Such a toolkit should provide a comprehensive and adaptive defense mechanism tailored to the organization's unique digital landscape.  

AI in cybersecurity includes capabilities such as anomaly detection, threat intelligence, NLP for phishing analysis, behavioral analysis, automated responses, predictive analytics, endpoint protection, deep learning, zero-day predictions, DLP, biometric augmentation, chatbot guidance, proactive threat hunting, and defense against adversarial AI. 

But which ones make sense for you, which ones are efficient, and where should you focus? 

Matthias Reinwarth
Head of Advisory
Matthias is Head of Advisory and oversees and leads the KuppingerCole advisory team. Additionally he acts as lead advisor in various customer projects. As head of the IAM practice, Matthias...
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