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Lessons Learned from Site Security Assessments

Lessons Learned from Site Security Assessments

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 15:30—15:50
Location: Satelit

The presentation is crafted based on stories from industrial sites of different sectors in Sweden and abroad where overlooked mistakes, handy solutions or understudied decisions could have potentially become a reason for an incident. The findings are brought to you by experience of a team that together performed numerous site security assessments over the past years. You will be presented with cases where you will be able to find similarities with your work environment starting from perimeter, building management systems to the machines, network findings and third-parties. You will find new perspectives on risks, how to judge them in your decisions and to see a bigger picture outside of your work circles and responsibilities.

Anastasiya Kornitska
Senior OT Security Specialist
Anastasiya Kornitska is a senior cyber-physical security specialist at Afry. Previously, she was a Lead of OT/ICS Security at Orange Cyberdefense Sweden. Anastasiya has extensively worked with...
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