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Detection & Response

Detection & Response

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 15:30—16:30
Location: Satelit

Lessons Learned from Site Security Assessments

The presentation is crafted based on stories from industrial sites of different sectors in Sweden and abroad where overlooked mistakes, handy solutions or understudied decisions could have potentially become a reason for an incident. The findings are brought to you by experience of a team that together performed numerous site security assessments over the past years. You will be presented with cases where you will be able to find similarities with your work environment starting from perimeter, building management systems to the machines, network findings and third-parties. You will find new perspectives on risks, how to judge them in your decisions and to see a bigger picture outside of your work circles and responsibilities.

Anastasiya Kornitska
Senior OT Security Specialist
Anastasiya Kornitska is a senior cyber-physical security specialist at Afry. Previously, she was a Lead of OT/ICS Security at Orange Cyberdefense Sweden. Anastasiya has extensively worked with...
Autonomous Ethical Hacking for Accurate and Continuous Security Testing

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Organizations nowadays are agile and tech-dependent, deploying updates frequently and relying ons 3rd parties. This leads to dynamic and complex digital systems with exposed and vulnerable assets. Testing frequency does not keep pace with development, is very noisy, and more than one-third of an organization’s attack surface is unknown to the organization.  Autonomous ethical hacking  powered by hackers and AI,  can help tech teams to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and manage their digital infrastructure continuously and accurately. By combining machine hacking with human hacking in a symbiotic relationship, machines can go in-breadth and automated (80% of tasks with 20% of impact ); while ethical hackers go customized and in-depth  (20% of tasks with 80% of impact). The knowledge flows from humans to machines and the platform learns continuously through ML & AI. This allows to uniquely provide instant, continuous, accurate, and affordable security.

Jorge Monteiro
A space engineer and entrepreneur on a mission to secure technology through ethical hacking. He is a the CEO and Co-founder of Ethiack, an autonomous ethical hacking platform for vulnerability...
From Encryption to Extortion: The New Face of Ransomware Attacks

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The surge in ransomware attacks has become one of our most pressing cybersecurity challenges. With attackers continuously adapting and refining their tactics, staying abreast of the latest developments and trends in this ever-evolving threat landscape is crucial.

Florian and Stefan explore the modern nuances of ransomware attacks in this panel. Discussions will revolve around cutting-edge techniques such as double extortion, where attackers deny access to data and threaten its public release, and the shift towards targeting operational technology, leading to real-world disruptions. Moreover, the panel will highlight the rise of decentralized ransomware models that utilize networks of affiliates and delve into the contentious debate around the ethics and implications of paying ransomware.

Beyond understanding the current ransomware landscape, attendees will be introduced to preventive measures, effective response strategies, and potential future trajectories of ransomware evolution. Join this insightful discussion to equip yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of ransomware in today's interconnected digital ecosystem.

Florian J├Ârgens
Chief Information Security Officer
Vorwerk SE & Co. KG
Florian Jörgens initially developed his professional interest in information technology in 2002. Whilst working as an IT specialist for system integration at T-Systems International GmbH, in...
Stefan W├╝rtemberger
Executive Vice President Information Technology
Marabu Inks
Stefan Würtemberger is employed at Marabu GmbH & Co. KG, where he is Vice President Information Technology and responsible for Global IT. Previously, he was Chief Digital Officer and CIO...
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