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Enabling the Power of Digitalization with Identity-Based Access Privileges

Enabling the Power of Digitalization with Identity-Based Access Privileges

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 15:30—15:50
Location: Sirius
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As organizations seamlessly navigate between on-premises, cloud-based, and offline resources while harnessing the power of AI, the need to verify and manage user identities with precision has never been more vital. Strong identity-based access to applications not only fortifies security by allowing organizations to grant privileges based on verified identities, buy it also enables real-time threat detection, compliance adherence, and adaptive scalability. You’ll always know with certainty who is connecting to what and what they’re doing while they’re connected. Join us to explore how this approach empowers modern hybrid organizations to strike the delicate balance between safety, security, user experience and the transformative potential of true digitalization.

Joe O’Donnell
GM OT/IOT-SVP Corporate Development
Joe has held senior management positions over his plus 30 years in cyber security. He has built programs, teams, and lines of business at many market leaders such as Cisco Systems, Nortel,...
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