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The Risk of Quantum for PKI and How to Handle It

The Risk of Quantum for PKI and How to Handle It

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 12:35—12:55
Location: Plateau
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Quantum computing has found its way into Deutsche Bahn's technology roadmap. In the session I’ll give an introduction where is it used, which use cases are being developed, which skills does the industry need? The key question is which risks do we expect and how can we prepare our organization against attacks, some keywords are NIST, PQC, crypto agility. I will give an overview of the international quantum landscape and its progress. You will get hands on advice how to establish a maturity model for quantum readiness and an enterprise program to become quantum ready.

Manfred Rieck
VP Individual Solution Development
Deutsche Bahn AG
In 2019, Manfred Rieck set the course for Deutsche Bahn on quantum by founding a research group for quantum technologies. The group concentrates on the industrial usage of quantum computers for...
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