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The Next Horizon: Revolutionizing Security with Post-Quantum Cryptography

The Next Horizon: Revolutionizing Security with Post-Quantum Cryptography

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 12:15—12:35
Location: Plateau
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Quantum computers are expected to solve some computational problems that are intractable with today's supercomputers. A worldwide race is on to build more and more powerful quantum computers. Google's Quantum Supremacy demonstration in 2019 has only been one of the first steps on this path. Along with many opportunities, quantum computing creates a significant risk for the whole industry. The same quantum computers that can be used to design new materials and drugs will be able to crack encryption, potentially exposing secrets. This presentation shows how we are impacted and what are the essential steps to mitigate the risk.

Jörg Cornelius Schneider
Global Enterprise Engineer CSO CTO Crypto Architecture
Deutsche Bank AG
Jörg works in Deutsche Bank's Chief Security Office where he is responsible for the Cryptography Architecture of the firm.  In his 20+ years in Deutsche Bank he has had multiple Cyber...
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