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Is the future really password-free and is it worth using a PAM solution?

Is the future really password-free and is it worth using a PAM solution?

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 09:10—09:30
Location: Plateau
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Comprehensive protection of networks, system infrastructures, hardware and software, applications and data is part of every cyber security strategy. But what does this actually mean for identity and access management? Unloved for many years and repeatedly declared dead: passwords. Large IT companies have been promising us a password-free future for a long time. Is it really that easy to finally turn your back on passwords? The fact is that we have to deal with a large number of passwords every day in order to complete our professional and private tasks. Every password should be unique, highly complex and as long as possible. But what does the frightening everyday life with passwords look like today, what will it hopefully look like in the future and why it is essential to deal with the topic right now, explains Daniel Holzinger in his lecture.

Daniel Holzinger
Founder & Managing Director / Keeper Security Partner
Colited Management Consultancy
Since mid-2011, Daniel Holzinger has been accompanying companies and organizations on their journey to new working environments. As an architect of new ways of working, he works with a...
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