Risk of AI in Cybersecurity

Risk of AI in Cybersecurity

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 09:00—10:30

The side effects of (re)generative AI impacting cyber security


The polarizing public discussion about ChatGPT and its siblings and the smokescreens of those responsible for technology and business behind the brands obscure a differentiated view on the non-obvious side effects of a completely overheated Chatbot rally. This makes it difficult to seriously address the partially mutually dependent side effects of the large-scale public use of this technology.


Employers in particular are torn between giving in to the tempting benefits of this technology while, at the same time, they have to live up to their responsibility towards the law, regulations such as ESG, their organizations and their digital assets, the society and the duty of care towards their employees. All of that without missing a beat of innovation in that field.


In this workshop, we'll jointly explore the missing questions that need individual answers for a conscious, responsible and security aware use of AI.

J├╝rgen Schulze
Author - Information Security
Jürgen Schulze has been working in IT since 1984, from 2001 onward primarily in the field of information security. During this time, he has also been involved in the use of artificial language...
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