Based in California (US), Avatier is one of the few IGA vendors that continues to exhibit innovative changes to adapt to evolving market demands in the recent past. From focusing primarily on providing intelligent user interfaces while lacking the underlying depth of capabilities, Avatier has evolved into a vendor offering comprehensive IGA capabilities with its Identity-as-a-Container platform creating unique market differentiation. Avatier’s Identity Anywhere provides a fully containerized IGA platform primarily to solve deployment and scalability issues of traditional IGA.
Why worth watching
Avatier continues to innovate with its user-centric approach to IGA that covers a wide range of governance use cases.
Beta Systems
Beta Systems, founded in 1983, is a publicly listed company with a strong focus in the EMEA market.
Why worth watching
Good user self-service with wide range of authenticator options including passwordless for the admin as well and delegation of workflows are present. It has API based availability for micro services from this year, which allows orchestration for third party system.
Bravura Security (formerly Hitachi ID)
Bravura Security was formerly known as Hitachi ID Systems, Inc until a very recent acquisition by the Canadian investment specialists Volaris Group. Bravura Security Privilege is part of the Bravura Security Fabric product group that also includes Bravura Pass, Bravura Identity and Bravura Safe.
Why worth watching
Buyers can mix and match modules to tailor a solution to fit the needs of their organization as all are fully compatible.
Broadcom has introduced light-weight desktop agent that allows users to connect to target systems using privileged account without having to log into the PAM user interface directly. Users can use their own tools for connecting and PAM will manage the credentials behind the scenes.
Why worth watching
Broadcom has now rationalized all its identity products into the Identity Management Security Division of Broadcom Software, including its PAM platform marketed as Symantec PAM.
Founded in 2016, Clear Skye is a small privately-owned company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area. The Clear Skye IGA solution is built on and exists solely within ServiceNow.
Why worth watching
Clear Skye has good access review capabilities, with many access review templates provided out of the box and the ability to define additional access review capabilities.
E-Trust was founded in 1999 with headquartered in Brazil with an initial focus on information security. Later in 2006, E-Trust launched their Identity Access & Governance product Horacius. Horacius provides user provisioning and access governance capabilities that include access request, recertification, account mapping, and role & SoD management, with more advanced features such as workflows and identity analytics.
Why worth watching
Horacius IAM has a good UI, especially for workflows.
Based in Ohio (US), EmpowerID offers several products within its broader IAM portfolio, including EmpowerID Privileged Access Management (PAM). All applications within the portfolio run as SaaS, and EmpowerID software offers fully managed services. The only on-prime component is Cloud gateway on Win 10/11 - this creates the credentials and keys.
Why worth watching
The dashboard at the heart of EmpowerID is comprehensive in scope and does more than just open access to cloud services.
Evidian (Atos)
Based in France and since 2015, Evidian has been a dedicated division for digital security service line at Atos. Evidian is an established IAM business and has more than 900 customers with over 5 million users within the Finances Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Transport, Telecom, Media, Utilities, and Public Health sectors.
Why worth watching
Evidian supports deployment of all major models.
Evolveum is an Open Source IAM vendor based in Slovakia.
Why worth watching
MidPoint has a good UI with functional and configurable dashboards and widgets.
IBM Corporation is a multinational technology and consulting company headquartered in Armonk, New York, USA. Founded in 1911, IBM has evolved from a computing hardware manufacturer into offering a broad range of software solutions, infrastructure hosting, and consulting services in such high-value markets as business intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing, virtualization, information security, and identity and access management. With a strong global presence and customers and partners across the globe, IBM is a major player in the market.
Why worth watching
Organizations that are looking for mature, highly scalable, and secure enterprise authentication solutions built on state-of-the-art micro-services architecture should put IBM on the list of solutions to consider.
Micro Focus
Micro Focus, founded in 1976, has many solutions for organizations looking to transform operations and infrastructures. It markets its PAM platform under the NetIQ brand, a former acquisition, and now part of the company's CyberRes security portfolio.
Why worth watching
Administrators can configure privileged access permissions in a simpler, easier, and more meaningful way with Access Control, the latest policy engine.
Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management service focused on facilitating business to consumer applications and providing enterprise authentication capabilities.
Why worth watching
Microsoft Azure Active Directory has the scalability and performance to provide organizations with three options and feature-rich capabilities. The solution should be on the shortlist for any organization looking for robust enterprise authentication services.
Netwrix was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Irvine, California. Having acquired Stealthbits in 2021 it has now fully rebranded its PAM platform as Netwrix SbPAM.
Why worth watching
Netwrix has made some technical enhancements of note: Security OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0 authentication, scheduled password rotation for all supported platforms and a browser extension for Chrome and Edge for improved web session recording.
Based in Regensburg, Germany, Nexis started with NEXIS Controle, first released in 2014, which builds upon a plug-and-play approach to access governance and role lifecycle management as its core focus.
Why worth watching
NEXIS 4 supports all major deployment models with its focus mainly shifting towards cloud.
Omada, headquartered in Denmark, counts among the established providers of solutions for IGA. Omada provides Omada Identity as an on-premises solution and Omada Identity Cloud for customers wanting a cloud-native SaaS solution - both delivering a full range of IGA functionalities with feature parity between the delivery models.
Why worth watching
Omada Identity’s UI is modern with good features for user self-service, including the Omada Identity Cloud Management Portal, which enables SaaS customers to fully manage the back end of the solution including performing upgrades, creating and editing environments, and more, without requiring assistance from Omada support.
One Identity
California-based One Identity, a Quest Software business, specializes in IAM solutions and offers a range of products that fulfil the fundamentals of PAM. In addition, the company provides additional PAM capabilities for Unix/Linux AD bridging and privilege delegation. One Identity Safeguard is now a component of the One Identity Unified Identity Security Platform into which was recently added the OneLogin authentication suite.
Why worth watching
In a more specialized and welcome move, the Safeguard DevOps Service tool has been added which is a fully containerized service that brings a native level of connectivity from the Safeguard Vault to DevOps tools and environments.
Oracle Identity Governance (OIG) Suite is the on-premises offering within Oracle's IAM portfolio. Oracle Identity Governance is Oracle's primary IGA offering that includes Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Identity Analytics.
Why worth watching
With options of deploying as software or containers, Oracle provides several deployment options on physical, virtual, private, or public clouds.
RSA was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Bedford, MA. RSA Security was divested from Dell Technologies and acquired by a consortium of private investors led by Symphony Technology Group in September 2020.
Why worth watching
With the breadth and depth of functionality, RSA solutions are scalable and provide good hardware-based authentication methods. Backed by a global ecosystem, the company can readily deploy such solutions.
Based in Austin, Texas, SailPoint started as a vendor specialized in Access Governance and made heavy investments in Identity Provisioning capabilities over the years.
Why worth watching
The solution has strong support for identity and lifecycle management with all known identity repositories available.
SAP was originally founded in Germany in 1972. Gigya was a leading CIAM solution and was acquired by SAP in 2017. SAP have integrated the former Gigya into their own suite of solutions and expanded the feature set, providing a common experience for SAP B2B, B2C, and B2B2C customers. SAP CIAM is delivered as SaaS hosted across many data centers distributed globally in multiple top tier IaaS platforms. SAP CIAM is priced by the number of contacts within each customer instance, where a contact is defined as the unique record of customers, prospects, business partners, and/or constituents within the context of the SAP CIAM cloud service.
Why worth watching
SAP allows self-registration and social network registration for onboarding.
Saviynt is a US based company founded in 2010 that specializes in IGA and Identity solutions. It recently entered the PAM market with a SaaS cloud solution. Saviynt does provide a vault by default, but also allows customers to choose their own provide a vault allowing customers to choose their own. This allows customers to use existing including HashiCorp or Fortanix and other vault solutions with the Saviynt and the platform enables just-in-time access, role-based elevation, requests/approvals, ownership, succession management, workflows and governance.
Why worth watching
The web-based interface is designed to be user -centric and in this the company has succeeded in creating a very clean and simple interface. It is a bold move to create a PAM solution that runs only as a service.
Simeio was founded in 2007 in Alpharetta, GA, US, providing IAM consulting and system integration services. Simeio launched their IDaaS and CIAM services in 2017. Simeio serves both B2C and B2B use cases. Identity Orchestrator is delivered as SaaS, hosted in North American and European data centers in public IaaS platforms. Pricing for the service is according to the numbers of monthly/quarterly/annual active users or by number of registered users per quarter/year.
Why worth watching
Simeio offers a mobile identity verification app which can be augmented with many 3rd-party identity proofing services.
Based in Spain and established in 2013, Soffid IAM provides aa converged IAM Platform that brings Access Management (AM), Single Sign-On (SSO), Identity Governance (IGA), Identity Risk & Compliance (IRC) and Privileged Account Management (PAM) in one comprehensive platform.
Why worth watching
Soffid IAM has an engaging UI.
Tools4ever is a Dutch software company that started in the SMB market segment but has grown its portfolio to a level where it can also serve the IAM requirements of larger organizations.
Why worth watching
HelloID has a modern UI with configurable dashboard based on the RBAC model.
Founded in 2021 and a spin-off of Sysintegra, ZertID provides an IGA solution that is built on top of the ServiceNow platform with rapid implementation ability.
Why worth watching
It has a strong UI capability with adaptation to ServiceNow portal design.