Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) combines the traditional User Access Provisioning (UAP) and Identity and Access Governance (IAG) markets. While many vendors today offer combined capabilities to qualify as IGA vendors, a few, especially the new entrants, provide either Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) or Access Governance capabilities to cater to specific needs of the organizations.

The IGA vendors differ in the depth and breadth of functionalities offered and thus can be classified as either provisioning or governance focused. This KuppingerCole Leadership Compass provides an overview of the IGA market with notable vendors and their products or service offerings in the market.

  • The IGA market is growing, and although maturing it continues to evolve.
  • IGA is essential to business as a strategic approach to ensure overall IT security and regulatory compliance.
  • The level of identity and access intelligence has become a key differentiator between IGA product solutions.
  • Automation is a key trend in IGA to reduce management workload by automating tasks and providing process workflows.
  • Leading IGA vendors are increasingly focusing on supporting interoperability with other products and services through the provision of secure APIs.