Major Use Cases and Capabilities

The top use cases and capabilities that solutions in this market address. Choose your use case for a personalized view on product requirements.

Major Use Cases

The main use cases for Identity Governance & Administration technology adoption and their principal characteristics as observed are listed in the table below:

User and Access (Workforce and Self-Service)

With most traditional IAM deployments suffering from internal inefficiencies, staffing, and budgeting concerns, IDaaS IGA promises a flexible approach for organizations looking to on-board a workforce IAM program to deliver better time to value and agility. In addition, a self-service user interface allows for requesting access, profile management, password reset, and synchronization.

Access Governance

While many vendors today offer combined Identity Lifecycle Management and Access Governance capabilities to qualify as IGA vendors, particularly new entrants into the market, some vendors focus primarily on Access Governance capabilities to cater to the organizations' specific needs. In this case, Access Governance and Intelligence capabilities, with required integrations into its own or third-party entitlements and/or account repositories, should be considered. Access Governance can be run by and within the organization to retain absolute control over governance functions.


An organization's processes can be simplified and enhanced by using advanced workflow capabilities, including the use of machine learning techniques that enable pattern recognition for process optimization, automated provisioning/deprovisioning, and user access information from authentication and authorization events used for analyzing user access behavior patterns and detecting anomalous access.