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API Security & Management
APIs can be found everywhere — at home and in mobile devices, in corporate networks and in the cloud, even in industrial environments, to sa ...
Attack Surface Management
As the realm of cyber threats expands, organizations have the difficult task of managing their attack surfaces effectively to protect their ...
Data Leakage Prevention
In modern business, data is widely considered to be one of the greatest assets. Data is money, and for this reason it is relentlessly targe ...
Managed Detection and Response
MDR solutions are typically backed by teams of security experts that provide round-the-clock monitoring, analysis, and support, as well as a ...
Unified Endpoint Management
Unified Endpoint Management refers to comprehensive solutions with capabilities that support a range of endpoint types
Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms
The Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platform market is mature and still growing in response to increased fraud risk levels globally.
Identity Governance & Administration
Identity Governance and Administration refers to the increasingly integrated Identity Lifecycle Management and Access Governance markets.
Customer Identity and Access Management
CIAM solutions are designed to address consumer/customer IAM scenarios that differ from traditional workforce use cases. CIAM systems allow ...
Privileged Access Management
Privileged Access Management (PAM), over the last few years, has evolved into a set of crucial technologies that address some of the most ur ...
Passwordless Authentication
It is therefore essential for organizations to choose the right passwordless solution that meets their unique requirements and needs around ...
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