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Blog Post  Jun 09, 2022
Trending at EIC 2022: Identity Proofing & Fraud Reduction
Aside from the convergence of decentralized and centralized identities and the return of policy-based access controls, here is my #3 on the list of hot topics at EIC 2022: Identity proofing & fraud reduction. These are two closely related topics, with fraud covering not only the initial...
Blog Post  Jun 08, 2022
Trending at EIC 2022: The Return of Policy-Based IAM
Following my recent blog post on trending topics at EIC 2022, where I discussed the integration of decentralized and centralized identities, there are other topics I’d like to highlight. My #2 on the list of outstanding topics at EIC 2022, is the return of policy-based IAM. More than a...
Blog Post  Jun 07, 2022
Trending at EIC 2022: Integrating Decentralized & Centralized Identity
At this year’s European Identity & Cloud Conference (EIC 2022) that we hosted in Berlin from May 10th to 13th, some topics stood out from all the vibrant discussions and enlightening presentations. My #1 topic is the emergence of integration between decentralized identity (DID) - also...
Blog Post  May 12, 2022
Will Users and Organizations Have Trust in Keys Roaming via the Cloud?
As long as passwords continue to be used, users and organizations will remain vulnerable to attacks. Replacing passwords as the dominant form of authentication on the Internet now seems to be possible. Read now and learn more.
Blog Post  May 10, 2022
In the Midst of Change, Somethings Remain the Same
Industry 4.0 promises to take the interconnectedness of devices and machines to a new level. This will be a significant change and will impact the digital transformation of a manufacturing company. Read now and find out if your company is prepared.
Blog Post  May 09, 2022
Ever-Growing Attack Surface
Internet and IT went from being a convenience for people and organizations into a cyber liability. Classifying, protecting, and identifying digital assets have always been a key to mitigating cybersecurity risks. Mind your Attack Surface!
Blog Post  May 06, 2022
Digital Transformation - Multi-Cloud and Multi-Complex
Fragmented IT environments, multiple cloud services as well as on-premises and edge. How can you manage the complexity this has created? Find out now!
Blog Post  May 05, 2022
Staying Ahead in the Innovation Race
Composable Enterprise, Privacy-by-Design, Zero Trust... the direction your organization chooses to innovate in will have an influence on its investment decisions. Find inspiration, to stay ahead in this digital and technological innovation race. Read now!
Blog Post  May 04, 2022
Log4j Vulnerability: It Is Still a Threat
The Log4j vulnerability, was first detected in December 2021. Log4j is an open-source Java library that is widely used by developers to monitor apps and captures logs. Cybersecurity experts classified it as a critical severity due to its vulnerability to remote code execution (RCE) attacks,...
Blog Post  May 02, 2022
Fully Homomorphic Encryption at a Glance
With today's technology, we can effectively encrypt data in rest and data in motion. What about data in use? There the Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) comes into play. This guide shows you how FHE can be the actual "Holy Grail" of encryption. Read now!
Blog Post  Apr 29, 2022
Women in Identity
We all know that women are facing the challenge of diversity in the IT industry. But what exactly is a digital twin? And how can we build a Self-sovereign Identity? Woman in Identity (WID) has prepared three exciting sessions for you. Find out more in their blog post below.
Blog Post  Apr 28, 2022
Curse and Blessing of Biometric Authentication
Technology in itself is neither moral nor immoral, is it? It depends on how it is used. We need to have a discussion about how we move forward. Watch the interview with Mike to learn more about his views on this topic.
Blog Post  Apr 27, 2022
Digitization to Dissolve Data Privacy
The rapid digitization of businesses and utilization of cloud capabilities has led to a situation where data privacy is nearly none existent. So how will we deal with this challenge? To learn more, watch the interview.
Blog Post  Apr 26, 2022
Organizations Need a Dream IAM
Did your organization define a ‘desired state’ for identity and access management? You need a clear goal because you need to know where you're headed to align your resources, people, and technology toward a mission. Watch now to learn more.
Blog Post  Apr 22, 2022
PCI-DSS 4.0 launched
The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards Council has published a major update to the Data Security Standard (DSS), version 4.0. This version is an improvement over the current version, 3.2.1, which came out in 2018.
Blog Post  Apr 21, 2022
Catalyzing your Digital Transformation Journey
Digital Transformation is here, and it impacts everyone, businesses, and governments. It is changing society as a whole and the way we engage with each other in virtually every area of life. The question of if and when to develop a digital transformation strategy is not even an issue. Start now
Blog Post  Apr 20, 2022
Passwordless Authentication: Never Easier or More Desirable Than Now
What is stopping you from implementing passwordless authentication in your company? Passwords are insecure, everyone knows that but what is the first step to secure access? Find out now!
Blog Post  Apr 14, 2022
Web 3.0 Creates a World Without Perimeters
The visions of Web3 will be mainstream one day but how we implement security and trust, is still up for debate. We are on the threshold of further evolution and must set the right course. But how? Learn more.
Blog Post  Apr 13, 2022
The European Identity & Cloud Conference Celebrates Its 15th Edition – Time for Looking Back
EIC veteran Martin Kuppinger takes us on a journey through the history of the most important IAM conference.
Blog Post  Apr 12, 2022
Empowering Individuals with Self-Sovereign Identity
Find out, how SSI disrupts the traditional identity and access management market and why customers benefit from it. Watch now!
Blog Post  Apr 07, 2022
Software Supply Chain Risks: How to re-assess when there is a ban?
With supply chains under attack and the recent Kaspersky ban, CISOs need to act. But how?
Blog Post  Apr 07, 2022
Decentralization Is Like the Analog World
The magic happens when you realize that an identity is just a data point, and the data subject associated with it can be anything. The possibilities of this technology are endless, but how can organizations capitalize on it?
Blog Post  Apr 06, 2022
Prepare, Prevent and Protect
Recent SolarWinds, Kaseya, and Log4j compromises by malicious actors have demonstrated the need to focus on software supply chain security. Organizations can not afford to ignore this increasing threat.
Blog Post  Apr 04, 2022
Human-Centric Identity - When Customers No Longer Tolerate a Bad UX
Today's purchasing decisions are increasingly based on user experience. Businesses need to adapt to stay competitive in the market, but is this possible without neglecting security?
Blog Post  Mar 31, 2022
When will Ransomware Strike? Should you Hope for the Best or Plan for the Worst
Companies around the world are struggling to protect their data. The possibilities of losing data are numerous. Are you well enough prepared? Find out how you can prevent the worst scenarios.
Blog Post  Mar 31, 2022
Entering a New Era: CIAM 2.0
Questioning our identity fundamentals: Is single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, passwordless authentication, etc. enough for Web 3.0? Let's look at creating seamless access to prepare organizations for the next digital era.
Blog Post  Mar 29, 2022
Where IAM trends are set: Everything around Identity & Privacy at EIC 2022
In the past 15 years, EIC is known as the leading event for current and future trends in IAM and privacy (not to mention cloud security or cybersecurity). Check out the highlights of EIC's “trending topics”.
Blog Post  Mar 28, 2022
Siemens' Challenging IAM Success Story
Leonardo Morales from Siemens gives insights into his IAM journey and shares his experiences. Learn how to start your IAM journey right and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.
Blog Post  Mar 21, 2022
The Reality of Deception for Cyber Resilience
"Deception is not about deceiving the enemy but causing the enemy to deceive themself". But how do you do that? Learn more about the risks and benefits of deception in cyber security with Donnie Wendt from Mastercard.
Blog Post  Mar 15, 2022
Accelerating Your Digital Journey
The current market is adapting to higher security standards quickly. This comes with unique challenges. Integrating new digital services around an existing system is a highly time-consuming process. Authlete enables companies to move forward.
Blog Post  Mar 15, 2022
Identity Access – The Immature Industry
Is the identity access industry not focusing on what is most important? The customer. Find out how the lack of interoperability limits growth and the relation between Identity and Access Control.
Blog Post  Mar 02, 2022
Global Identity Networks: How to Leverage Them for Business Benefit
Global identity networks propose a different way of identity management, one that operates on shared standards so that organizations don’t need to repeat onboarding and verification with the same individuals, and one with verification built in so that organizations don’t need to rely on trust.
Blog Post  Feb 23, 2022
No Security Without Confirmation
Many organizations still do not implement certificates to authenticate, encrypt data, or sign documents. Although it highly increases security. But nothing comes without challenges. Large-scale management of certificates needs to be made simple. Find out how.
Blog Post  Feb 17, 2022
Identity Fabrics: Developing your IAM Program from Vision to Strategy
IAM programs must meet current requirements and also prepare IAM for the future. This requires a vision and a well-defined strategy, blueprint, and roadmap. Identity Fabrics are the foundation.
Blog Post  Feb 14, 2022
Apply for the European Identity and Cloud Awards 2022
The 14th European Identity and Cloud Awards will be given to six projects at the European Identity and Cloud Conference 2022 in May. Submit details of your accomplishment for our consideration by March 31, 2022. Find more information on the submission process here.
Blog Post  Feb 10, 2022
Modernization of IGA
Implementing Identity Management and Governance is a long and cumbersome journey. Customizing the system to suit your organization is a must. This process takes a lot of time. Arun Binaykia and Martin Kuppinger discuss how Sath is solving the issue.
Blog Post  Feb 02, 2022
Finding Efficiencies - Identity & Process Automation
How over-ambition and trends are putting organizations at risk. An analyst's perspective on why so many organizations have unrealistic expectations regarding their security challenges.
Blog Post  Jan 27, 2022
Has Your Organization Rolled Out MFA Yet?
Have you entered a password somewhere today? Do you wonder why you’re still having to do that? Did entering that password give you a feeling of digital safety? Did it make your consumer experience more enjoyable?
Blog Post  Jan 26, 2022
Every Organization Swiftly Secured
Martin Kuppinger had a great interview with Austin Baker from SecurEnds about the importance of access governance. In the world of access management, many organizations around the world are not ready to do access certification. Get up to speed and watch now!
Blog Post  Jan 19, 2022
3 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Book Your EIC Ticket
Given the current state of the world, any decision about whether to attend a conference needs careful consideration. Here are three reasons why you should book your hybrid ticket for the European Identity and Cloud Conference sooner rather than later.
Blog Post  Jan 06, 2022
The Future of Authentication - Passwordless
Single factor authentication like passwords is considered bad practice. Passwordless authentication, done right, is not only more secure but also more convenient. Learn more about the increasing demand, regulations as well as use cases. Martin Kuppinger enjoyed a delightful conversation with...
Blog Post  Dec 15, 2021
How to Grant Access Right
Find out about the importance of context for Identity Risk Management. Watch the insightful interview Martin Kuppinger had with David Pignolet from SecZetta on the EIC 2021.
Blog Post  Dec 09, 2021
Stop attackers enjoying a pick ‘n’ mix attack surface
We know that the way forward for business IT is to use multi-hybrid architectures for long term agility of operations. Such architectures will include multiple clouds for new services, on-prem stacks, edge devices, OT integration and much more. But while the need for multi-hybrid is clear, the...
Blog Post  Dec 02, 2021
New EIC Location Revealed!
The European Identity & Cloud Conference 2022 is moving to Berlin! Get an exciting sneak peek tour from our Head of Events, Jennifer, of our new EIC 2022 location. Watch Now!
Blog Post  Sep 30, 2021
Impressions from the European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021
The European Identity & Cloud Conference 2021 was a major success. Get an impression of the conference now to prepare for the 15th European Identity and Cloud Conference!


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