Inside cyberevolution: What to Expect at KuppingerCole's New Conference

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Inside cyberevolution: What to Expect at KuppingerCole's New Conference

Join KuppingerCole CEO Berthold Kerl to find out what cyberevolution is all about and why you should join.

Berthold Kerl
Jul 06, 2023

Berthold Kerl
KuppingerCole Analysts AG
Berthold Kerl, born 1960, studied economics at university of Nürnberg and performs as CEO of KuppingerCole since 1st July 2020. Before that he had been with Deutsche Bank AG for 17 years. As CIO he was working on major IT Transformation, IT Strategy, Change Management and Governance Initiatives. In the information security space he was working as CISO EMEA or Global Head of Identity and Access Management on modernizing Identity and Access management as well as driving topics in Cyber Security, IS policies, ISMS, Compliance Management, Penetration Testing, Vendor Security, Data Security and was managing relationship to regulators globally. He started his career as an SAP consultant working on accounting, sales and management information systems and after that as Head of European SAP Practice (at CSC) implementing standard software and developing client specific solutions for different industries such as utilities, banks or insurance companies.
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