Security Automation and Threat Intelligence
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Panel - Best Practices for Implementing Enterprise Security Automation for Threat Detection and Intelligence

Combined Session
Thursday, November 10, 2022 11:40—12:00
Location: Wilhelm von Humboldt

As the intensity and sophistication of cyber-attacks continues to increase amidst an uncertain threat landscape, enterprises are actively looking to embrace security automation as a potential solution. With machine learning developments maturing at a rapid pace, security automation has become increasingly practical and is the need of the hour to stem the tide of cyber attacks that are becoming bigger, faster and stealthier. Amidst the backdrop of state-sponsored attacks that can circumvent traditional defense systems, this panel will explore the need for security automation and automated threat intelligence, and will dive into best practices for implementing such initiatives in enterprise.

Severin Collins
Severin Collins
D3 Security
Severin Collins is passionate about cybersecurity and loves what he does. His experience includes enterprise security management/monitoring, technical pre-sales, risk assessment and analysis,...
Guido Grillenmeier
Guido Grillenmeier
Guido Grillenmeier is the Principal Technologist of Semperis in EMEA. Based in Germany, Guido has been a Microsoft MVP for Directory Services for 12 years. He spent 20+ years at HP/HPE as Chief...
Christopher Schütze
Christopher Schütze
Christopher Schütze has been working as Director Practice Cyber Security and Lead Analyst for KuppingerCole Analysts AG since 2019. Prior to that, he was Head of Cloud Security at an auditing...
Dr. Donnie Wendt
Dr. Donnie Wendt
Dr. Donnie Wendt is a Principal Security Researcher for Mastercard. In this role, Donnie researches the latest security threats, technologies, products, services, and innovations to drive the...


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