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Panel: The Emerging Trust Layer for the Internet: Using Minimum Viable Protocols to Achieve Maximum Interoperability

Panel: The Emerging Trust Layer for the Internet: Using Minimum Viable Protocols to Achieve Maximum Interoperability

Combined Session
Friday, June 07, 2024 13:30—14:30
Location: B 09
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The Trust Over IP Foundation (ToIP), which just had its fourth birthday, has long held the conviction that technical trust alone is insufficient for enabling human trust in digital interactions. Thus, ToIP has been developing a dual stack that pairs technical architecture with governance architecture.

To maximize technical interoperability, ToIP believes there must be a minimum viable “trust spanning” protocol that enables ubiquitous secure, private data exchange. Then every digital trust ecosystem can choose which higher-layer “trust task” protocols—such as exchanging digital credentials between digital wallets, or verifying ecosystem participants using trust registries—they need to meet their specific authenticity, confidentiality, and privacy requirements.

With regards to the harder problem of human trust, in the real world this is built through relationships, agreements and other intangible elements within a context. By contrast, in the digital world trust has to be engineered. This means each ecosystem needs to be able to define their governance architecture, policies, credentials, and trust lists/registries that can be communicated both within and across ecosystems using interoperable protocols to maximize the potential for cross-ecosystem trust relationships.

This interactive panel, moderated by ToIP’s Executive Director, will convene a set of ToIP leaders to explain why they have been investing in this new approach to decentralized digital trust infrastructure, where it fits with eIDAS 2.0, how it builds upon (not replaces) X.509 PKI and OpenID, and what to expect over the coming year.

Wenjing Chu
Senior Director of Technology Strategy
Futurewei Technologies
Wenjing leads Futurewei's technology strategy and collaborates with various open source communities and organizations to advance digital trust in the age of Artificial Intelligence. He is an...
Judith Fleenor
Executive Director
Trust Over IP Foundation
The mission of the Trust Over IP Foundation (ToIP) is to simplify and standardize how trust is established over a digital network or using digital tools. The ToIP collaborative community focuses on...
Dr. Andre Kudra
esatus AG
On a mission for decentralized identity & bit-heat confidential cloud. Decentralization visionary. Passion for information security since turn of millennium. Business-driven yet tech-savvy...
Karla McKenna
GLEIF Amerikas
Drummond Reed
Director of Trust Services
Gen Digital
Drummond has spent a quarter-century in Internet identity, security, privacy, and trust infrastructure. He is Director, Trust Services at Gen Digital, previous Avast after their acquisition of...
Christoph Schneider
Head of IT Development and Operations
Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)
Christoph Schneider is Head of IT Development and Operations at the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). In June 2017, Christoph joined the International Organization for...
Marie Wallace
Managing Director, Digital Identity Lead
Marie has spent more than two decades applying AI to a variety of use cases with specific focus on computer-human interaction, starting with her early work on natural language processing to smart...
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