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Decentralized Identity Case Studies

Decentralized Identity Case Studies

Combined Session
Friday, June 07, 2024 10:30—11:30

Decentralized Identity in Production

Over the past 18 months, Verifiable Credentials have begun to be integrated into Production environments, enabling digitization of workforce certifications, supply chain documentation and educational qualifications at scale. The panel will explore the business case to integrate this new data format within existing IGA / IAM solutions, and will highlight key success factors and project learnings, product roadmaps and future direction.

Wayne Chang
Wayne Chang is the CEO of SpruceID, a technology company with the mission to let users control their identity and data across all their digital interactions. SpruceID provides open-source...
Chris Eckl
Chris Eckl is Condatis's Chief Trust Officer and Sitekit's CTO, dedicated to driving innovation in the Identity sector. Chris was initial architect for Sitekit’s product suite (eRedbook, Self...
Dr. Carsten Stöcker
Co-founder and CEO
Dr. Carsten Stöcker is co-founder and CEO of Spherity. Spherity is building decentralized digital identity management solutions to power the fourth industrial revolution.Carsten...
Marie Wallace
Managing Director, Digital Identity Lead
Marie has spent more than two decades applying AI to a variety of use cases with specific focus on computer-human interaction, starting with her early work on natural language processing to smart...
How NHS Doctors use Digital Wallets to Get Onto the Hospital Wards and Treat Patients Quicker

Lessons from the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) on translating organisational requirements into real world solutions using policy, technical specifications and by socialising tangible benefits and mitigating perceived risks.
In essence describing how the NHS enables healthcare professionals to easily move between the 240+ autonomous NHS hospitals using digital wallets and verifiable credentials.
How the NHS uses trust frameworks to define the policy and business rules and technical requirements that enable identity and other eligibility credentials to allow individuals to:
prove that they and their associated credentials can be assured to internationally recognised standards such as those for identity proofing and verification i.e. UK Good Practice Guide 45 or the US NIST 800.63-3 / 4
meet the pre-employment checks required by NHS employers using verifiable credentials to prove their identity and eligibility for a role
Move easily and quickly between different legal organisations
And hear about the plans for how this sector agnostic approach to delivering legislative and organisational requirements will work across sectors and borders. Will integrate with traditional CIAM to enable access to buildings and resources including systems and medicines.
And ultimately how organisations might attract and retain individuals by creating job pathways to help individuals understand what they need to achieve to meet the requirements for future roles.

Gillan Ward
ID Crowd
Gillan is an expert in identity and trusted data who provides thought leadership, advisory services, and expert support to clients. He helps organisations to meet their objectives by ensuring they...
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