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Balancing Authentication & Privacy

Balancing Authentication & Privacy

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 12:00—13:00

The Role of Biometrics in Digital Identity

How biometrics are used in establishing foundational identity, how they are used when creating functional identities, and what are some of the vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies when using biometrics in digital identity schemes.

Daniel Bachenheimer
Digital Identity Innovations Technical Lead
Daniel Bachenheimer, an Electrical Engineer by training, is Accenture’s Digital Identity Innovations technical lead and has been designing and delivering solutions for various clients for...
Leveraging Smartphone Secure elements – The Benefits of QSCD Certification

Secure elements, now increasingly available on smartphones, offer enhanced security and integrity protection for PKI processes. They are especially needed for CBDC interactions, as recognised by the Bank of International Settlements Polaris project report on offline payments as well as the ECB in its concluding report on the investigation phase of the digital euro. However the lack of dedicated specifications is preventing them reaching their full potential.

Having secure elements certified as QSCD – qualified signature creation devices – is not only a key step in this direction but also bringing high-quality e-signatures within reach of all users both for online and offline interactions, a legally-recognised development with considerable implications for all wallet use cases as well as a major goal of the forthcoming eIDAS 2 digital identity wallets.

The presentation will explain why having secure elements QSCD-certified is a critical step forward as well as consider the key dimensions and practical steps to be considered for such purpose.

It should be of interest to anyone involved in ID wallets, electronic signature processes as well as digital finance use cases.

Michael Adams
Michael Adams is the founder of Quali-Sign Ltd, which has built a mobile wallet prototype for Qualified Electronic Signatures, e-ID, SCA and CBDC. Michael is a member of the Bank of England CBDC...
Stéphane Mouy
SGM Consulting
Stéphane MOUY is the founder and president of SGM Consulting, a digital transition consultancy focusing on digital identity, e-trust services and eKYC processes for the financial services...
Scaling eIDAS 2.0 Wallets: The Secure Element Problem

The current approach for wallet and decentralized identities is not eIDAS 2.0 high compliant.

In this talk we explore, what the current approaches are, what goes wrong and what we can do about it.

After this session you will be a eIDAS 2.0 wallet expert.

Boris Goranov
Boris Goranov is involved in security since 1999, as a white hack hacker , hacking smart cards at The TNO Institute. He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Delft...
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