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Intelligence in the Age of LLMs: Synthesizing with AI Toward Meta-Knowing

Intelligence in the Age of LLMs: Synthesizing with AI Toward Meta-Knowing

Combined Session
Wednesday, June 05, 2024 11:00—12:00
Location: B 05
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In this session we will consider various emerging forms of Artificial Intelligence in the context of the evolution of intelligence generally and the accelerating effects of combining human intelligence and AI.

The rapid spread of LLM-fueled information affordances has stoked human imagination regarding the nature of “intelligence” itself as a phenomenon, and the nature and role of human intelligence in relation to other forms. This session will set the stage for the upgrade reality track. In our journey of life and learning, how we think and understand the world around us plays a huge role. We often think of human intelligence as our inner voice and identity compass. Intelligence is central to our defining our sub-species as “Homo Sapiens Sapiens” (those who know that they know). Our individual and collective intelligence has changed and grown over time[, much like how we grow from children to adults]. In this session we will explore what happens when we blend our natural thinking with both modern technology and age-old wisdom from around the world. The "Upgrade Intelligence – Synthesizing with AI toward Meta-Knowing" session will open a treasure chest of insights into the evolution of intelligence. We will explore the value of synthesizing what we know naturally, what we've learned over time, and what modern tools like computers can teach us, aiming to help us achieve a deeper level of understanding. The umbrella term “AI” covers many different sorts of computational intelligence systems that help humans to process information and interactions in ways that we have never been able to do before. Better awareness of the variety of intelligences, both computational and otherwise, will help us to better manage the risks and leverage the benefits of integrating these rapidly proliferating “AI” systems with more traditional human intelligence systems (such as shared communities, organizations, languages, markets, etc.), and to manage how they will change us. Let’s explore together:

  • Our Thinking Journey: A simple look back at how humans have thought and learned over the ages, from basic instincts to deep thinking.
  • Brain Adventures: Exploring the wonders of our brains, like its ability to adapt and learn new things throughout our lives.
  • Computers as Brain Boosters: How technology and artificial intelligence can help us think better and solve problems in ways we never imagined.
  • Timeless Wisdom: Embracing valuable lessons from cultures around the world, mixing feelings, intuition, and logic to truly understand things.
  • Mixing it All for Deeper Understanding: Combining all these insights to see the world more clearly and make sense of complex ideas.
  • Dreaming of Tomorrow: Imagining a future where our natural smarts and technology come together, helping us make even better decisions.

By the end of our session, you'll leave with a refreshed view of intelligence and exciting tools to think smarter and deeper. So, whether you're a curious learner, an information worker, a risk professional, a teacher, or just someone looking to understand the world a bit better, come aboard! Let's discover the magic of mixing old wisdom, natural smarts, and modern tools to truly upgrade our intelligence.

Dr. Scott David, LL.M.
Executive Director - Information Risk and Synthetic Intelligence Research Initiative
University of Washington - APL
Scott David, J.D., LL.M., is the Executive Director - Information Risk and Synthetic Intelligence Research Initiative (IRSIRI) at the University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory and was...
Daniel Friedman
Co-Founder and President
Active Inference Institute
I am a co-founder and current President of the Active Inference Institute, an educational non-profit dedicated to learning and applying Active Inference.With COGSEC I am working...
Trent McConaghy
Ocean Protocol
I started my career by doing AI research for national defense in the 1990s, while still an undergraduate [paper 1][paper 2]. Then, in my first startup (ADA), we explored the relation between human...
Dr. Mihaela Ulieru
Founder and President
IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy
Founder and President IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy. Working with governments, international institutions, civil society and private sector partners to mitigate global challenges by...
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