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Governing Privilege - Why PAM and IGA Should go Together

Governing Privilege - Why PAM and IGA Should go Together

Wednesday, June 05, 2024 09:30—09:50
Location: C 01
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In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, the strategic combination of governing identities and managing privileged accounts isn't just a concept—it's a call to action. Together, they form a powerful defense mechanism that you can actively integrate into your security strategy. Defend against insider threats, streamline compliance audits, and reduce risks by implementing these proven security controls. As you navigate the complexities of digital identities, take charge of your cyber resilience programs. Act now by unifying Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) with Privileged Account Management (PAM) to safeguard digital identities and fortify your defenses against ever-evolving cyber threats. The time for action is now; let's secure our digital future together.

Matt Graves
Identity and Privacy Evangelist
OpenText Cybersecurity
With over three decades of experience in information security, Matt stands as an experienced cybersecurity leader with a diverse background across industries such as financial services, retail...
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