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Matt Graves

Matt Graves

Identity and Privacy Evangelist
OpenText Cybersecurity
With over three decades of experience in information security, Matt stands as an experienced cybersecurity leader with a diverse background across industries such as financial services, retail online shopping, consumer goods manufacturing, security software development, and consulting. His expertise encompasses cybersecurity, privacy, regulatory compliance, consumer and workforce identity, enterprise risk, and cloud application security. Matt's leadership prowess is evident in his ability to set strategic direction and guide dynamic teams, ensuring the successful execution of large and highly visible cybersecurity initiatives. Adept at translating intricate concepts into secure business solutions, he uniquely accumulates and comprehends both business and technical security requirements. Matt formulates solutions that align with these requirements and effectively communicates them to diverse target audiences.

Driven by a passion for catalyzing change to deliver business value, Matt is a staunch advocate for the purposeful and ethical use of data. His vision revolves around a digital transformation landscape where technology not only enhances consumer experiences but also recognizes the indispensable role of data in fostering business growth.

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