CIAM - Secure & Experience Driven
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CIAM - Secure & Experience Driven

Combined Session
Friday, May 12, 2023 10:30—11:30

Trust Inspiring CIAM – Essentials for a Secure, Experience-Driven Digital Business

Confusing Customer Identity Management (CIAM) with traditional Enterprise IAM comes at a high price: Applying internal regulatory compliance requirements and heavy security challenges to customer-focused interactions could easily limit user experience in a way that it measurably affects your digital business success, with dropped or interrupted transactions. Building Identity & Access around your customers' needs requires a profoundly different approach, which is on the one hand a trust-driven interaction experience with your brand, and on the other hand, complies with KYC and Cybersecurity requirements. In this session, we will give you an overview on the current state of CIAM and future developments you should include in your considerations before deciding on how to move forward.

Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt
Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt
Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt joined KuppingerCole in January 2021 as Advisor & Analyst. Prior to this, he worked for various management consultancies, primarily advising major banks on challenges...

Customer-Driven, Digital-First, Trust & Value Based - The Future of CIAM

Data is Power. And as a popular comic superhero said, with power comes more responsibility. For companies offering digital services, the responsibility lies in storing the customer data securely. Growing number of global privacy regulations underpin this responsibility.
More and more organizations are using specialized Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions which enable them to consolidate the data of existing customers while offering new and innovative ways to acquire new ones. CIAM tools can be used to prevent fraud, monitor suspicious activity as well as generate important business reports and statistics.
CIAM market is growing yearly but remains the most innovative in various IAM disciplines in to meet the fast-changing digital business demand. Utilizing modern, flexible, and scalable CIAM platforms will enable organizations to combine good customer experience with strong data security. Certainly, a recipe for a successful online enterprise!
This talk will give insights on how to strategize your CIAM journey and shed light on some pain points companies face when embarking on this exciting adventure.

Dr. George Beridze
Dr. George Beridze
Security Consulting Manager in the Information Technology and Services industry. Specializing in Identity & Access Management. Ph.D. in Natural Sciences and certified Project and Process...

CIAM-as-a-Service for 50 Million Customers at OLX Group Europe

Still developing CIAM in-house? Discover the realities of serving 50 million customers using Hosted Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) as a service (SaaS) from a vendor.

Customer Identity and Access Management is one of the most critical platform components. How big of a risk would it be for the large enterprise to delegate it to the vendor solution? And how much risk would it be to not do it?

In 2019 our Eastern Europe business was struggling with Accounts Takeovers where botnets of 1 million IPs total size were involved in massive credential stuffing attacks. And we decided to replace all our legacy auth with a vendor solution.

In this session we will go through the key moments of such transition and the key learnings from the past 4 years. We won’t miss the aspect of value proposition, customer experience, real cost and return on such an investment.

Tomasz Gramza
Tomasz Gramza
OLX Group
Tomasz Gramza is an experienced identity specialist and the Principal Engineer in OLX Group Europe – one of the world’s fastest-growing networks of trading platforms used by over 300...


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