Access Trends
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Access Trends

Combined Session
Thursday, May 11, 2023 14:30—15:30

Trust No One, Always Verify

Cybercriminals no longer “hack” in – they simply log in. Once inside, they hunt for privileged accounts. A vast majority of breaches today are due to the abuse of stolen privileged accounts. Privileged accounts are very powerful but at times, anonymous and shared. Learn how to take control of Privileged Access to ensure that your most valuable asset - your data - is protected.

Armand Adriano
Armand Adriano
Armand Adriano is a proven Information Security Leader with 25+ years as a focused Identity and Access Management (IAM) professional working with government and private organizations in optimizing...

Preparations for Smoother PAM Flight

The short abstract of this topic would be "How we can make a proper business case and ROI(Return on Investment) for PAM". Below are some of the preparations we need for a smoother PAM flight:

  1. Business Use Case
  2. Technical Use Case draft and definition
  3. Vendor selection & Role of research organisations like KuppingerCole
  4. POC
  5. ROI for management and their approval
  6. Vision, Mission & Use case selection and prioritizations

Abhinav Bajaj
Abhinav Bajaj
Delivery Hero SE
I am working with Delivery Hero as an IAM lead. I’m passionate about Identity and have over 10 years of experience in Identity Security. I’ve expertise in the Identity & Access...

Access Management Trends in a Connect Anywhere World

The combined impact of the pandemic driven shift to remote work with a connect-anywhere paradigm and the ongoing digital business transformation has inspired a higher awareness of cybersecurity concerns, requiring a profound change in the way we define Access Management. 

New contact-free onboarding experiences from the workforce to the customers; the need for managing human-to-device relationships; passwordless authentication as the new normal; decentralized identities as a new way for dealing with identities; the impact of policy based access; the convergence of IGA and Access Management: All these are just some of the trends we observe. In this session, we will talk about the Access Management trends and provide guidance on how to leverage and extend your existing Access Management towards a future-proof Access Management.

Alejandro Leal
Alejandro Leal
Alejandro joined KuppingerCole as a Research Analyst in December 2021. His main areas of expertise include digital transformation in the public and private sector, managing business in...


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