From "Classic" IAM to Decentralized ID
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Disruption Time? How to Approach and Embrace Decentralized Identity Inside the Enterprise

Combined Session
Thursday, May 11, 2023 11:40—12:00
Location: B 05

Decentralized Identity is about to change the way we do IAM in enterprises. It is not just about the C-identities (consumers, customers, citizens). This raises two questions: What do to differently in IAM, to leverage the potential of decentralized identities? And what not to do anymore, because it is becoming legacy? IAM, without any doubt, will change fundamentally. But is it about rip-and-replace of IAM and in particular IGA, or about complementing it? In this panel,  we dive into this decentralized lake of innovation, new standards, products, vendors and start-ups in order to find out how to benefit from DIDs in the enterprise.

Are there interoperability models and how could a longer-term migration scenario look like? What about Identity Workflow Orchestration? Join this great panel session to discuss the way forward for workforce identity.

Dr. Michael B. Jones
Dr. Michael B. Jones
OpenID Foundation
Michael B. Jones is on a quest to build the Internet’s missing identity layer. He is an editor of the OpenID Connect specifications, IETF OAuth specifications, including JSON Web Token (JWT)...
Martin Kuppinger
Martin Kuppinger
Martin Kuppinger is Founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, a leading analyst company for identity focused information security, both in classical and in cloud environments. Prior to...
Drs. Jacoba C. Sieders
Drs. Jacoba C. Sieders
Jacoba is a digital identity expert, eager to make digital life better and a lot more secure than it is today. Keynote speaker at international IAM congresses and teacher of masterclasses. ...
Candace Worley
Candace Worley
Ping Identity
Candace Worley joined Ping Identity as Chief Product Officer (CPO) in May of 2020. As CPO, she is responsible for advancing global product vision, leading technical product innovation efforts and...
Dr. Mattia Zago
Dr. Mattia Zago
Mattia Zago holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Murcia, Spain, with particular dedication in Machine Learning applications to cybersecurity; he works at Monokee (Rovereto, Italy)...


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