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Panel: The MFA Dilemma and Moving Beyond Mobile

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 10, 2023 15:30—15:50
Location: B 09

This panel will explore the current state of multifactor authentication (MFA) and its limitations, as well as potential solutions for improving the security and user experience of MFA. We will discuss topics such as the challenges of implementing MFA, the limitations of mobile-based MFA, and alternative methods for MFA, such as biometrics and behavioral analysis. The panel will also address the future of MFA, discussing the potential for new technologies to improve security and user experience, and the role of industry and government in shaping the future of MFA. Overall, the panel aims to provide valuable insights and perspectives on the multifactor authentication dilemma and the steps needed to move beyond mobile-based solutions.

Anders Askasen
Anders Askasen
As Director of Technical Solutions for the EMEA region, Anders is responsible for building Okta’s strategy in all things identity management in the region, with a focus on customer...
Alexander Koch
Alexander Koch
Yubico GmbH
Alexander is VP of sales in EMEA overseeing the DACH and CEE regions for Yubico. He is a technology industry veteran with over 20 years experience in enterprise technology, IT security, and strong...
Hed Kovetz
Hed Kovetz
Hed Kovetz is the CEO and Co-Founder of Silverfort, the provider of the Unified Identity Protection platform. Prior to founding Silverfort, Hed served in product management positions at Verint,...
Fady Semaan
Fady Semaan
Capital One
Fady Semaan, Managing Vice President, Software Engineering, oversees Consumer Identity which is the foundation for every digital experience and interaction that customers have with Capital One. His...


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