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Tilting at White Towers: Making Your Identity Architecture Actionable

Combined Session
Wednesday, May 10, 2023 12:20—12:40
Location: B 05

As an identity professional, you're constantly studying and reviewing new technologies, new protocols, and new products within the space but you struggle for the best way to extract the value of these new shiny, items to benefit your organization. You've been told that a well-developed identity architecture plan is the best way solve business challenges and produce concrete results but your research and fully-notated diagrams have failed to engage your peers.

Many times this is because the architecture was designed by architects for architects without inout from those who are most impacted by the existing legacy technololgies. Architects tend to be more isolated from the actual business so focus more on things like ArchiMate notation and TOGAF frameworks.

Steve "Hutch" Hutchinson will share his own decades of architecture experience and provide attendees with proven methods to make your architecture artifacts relatable to your front-line business workers, understandable by your technical peers from across cyber/IT, and provide demonstratable value to your organization's senior leadership. These same methods will allow you to shepherd your organization to a modern identity econsystem on a budget and timetable purpose fit for your organization's needs and culture.

Stephen Hutchinson
Stephen Hutchinson
Mitsubishi Bank of Tokyo
Steve “Hutch” Hutchinson is the Director of Security Architecture at MUFG. After cutting his teeth in C/C++ software development and network engineering, Hutch spent a decade as an...


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