SASE v/s Zero Trust: Going Beyond Buzzwords
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SASE v/s Zero Trust: Going Beyond Buzzwords

Combined Session
Wednesday, November 09, 2022 12:00—13:00
Location: Wilhelm von Humboldt

SASE v/s Zero Trust: Going Beyond Buzzwords

The concepts behind Zero Trust and SASE are not new, but recent developments in technological capabilities, changes in the way people are working, accelerated adoption of cloud and Edge computing, and the continued evolution of cyberthreats have resulted in both rising in prominence.  

As organizations seek to improve their security capabilities, many are evaluating Zero Trust and SASE to determine whether to adopt either, one, or both.  Join this session to understand what each can potentially deliver and the exact nature of the relationship between them.


John Tolbert
John Tolbert
Background: John Tolbert is a Lead Analyst and Managing Director of KuppingerCole, Inc (US). As Lead Analyst, John covers a number of different research areas, outlined below. John also advises...

How to build a trusted digital world through collaboration

Thanks to cybersecurity technologies such as Privilege Access Management and security concepts like Zero Trust, we now have the capacity to secure all digital access, from the cloud to IoT.

Digital access in software and hardware must be secure by design to minimize risk as much as possible. We have seen official agencies including the US and UK governments signing off expansive cybersecurity executive orders to boost national security, and cybersecurity chiefs pushing for the inculcation of security by design in software.

However, the technology itself is not enough to build a trusted digital world. To cultivate this world, we need to raise general cybersecurity awareness for all citizens. This is no easy feat, so the first logical step is to focus on building knowledge and awareness in business schools, mentoring the directors of the future because they will have to learn how to deal with cyber risk daily.

To bring a trusted digital world to life, we must also disrupt the political sphere in the UK and surrounding European countries. The European continent must become a leader in digital sovereignty – where data protection and privacy are respected by all – by cross-country collaboration and the establishment of a European Business Act. European countries are democracies that produce large amounts of data, so to achieve this act, we must create a separate European model that protects and respects our valuable data.

Key takeaways:

• Educate attendees on the concept of digital sovereignty

• Build interest in the better protection of our data

• Provide attendees with the appropriate tools and knowledge to start working towards making digital sovereignty a top priority for their organisation and beyond

• Inspire attendees to collaborate with other departments and countries to create a more trusted digital sphere

Jean-Noël de Galzain
Jean-Noël de Galzain
Jean-Noël de Galzain is the founder and CEO of WALLIX, the European cybersecurity leader in Privileged Access Management, and an active contributor towards the creation of a sustainable and...

Microshard Technology: An Enabler for GDPR/Schrems II Compliance

This session will examine the ruling of 16 July 2020, where the Court of Justice of the European Union (the Court) in its Case C-311/18 Data Protection Commissioner v Facebook Ireland and Maximillian Schrems (called “Schrems II case”) invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield adequacy decision.

How and why Microsharding was developed as a concept and a short summary of ShardSecure by Co-founder & CEO, ShardSecure - Bob Lam

Pascal Cronauer
Pascal Cronauer
Pascal has worked in the cybersecurity industry for over 16 years, both technical & commercial roles with numerous years focusing on security operations in particular SIEM. Pascal has developed...


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