Deploying Decentralized Identity
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Deploying Decentralized Identity

Combined Session
Thursday, May 12, 2022 11:00—12:00
Location: B09

Cloud 3.0: Decentralizing Cloud Storage with Web 3.0 and Analyzing Security Threats

We are in the mid of one of the most significant revolutions in the cloud and identity ecosystem since the last decade. With the dynamic transformation from Web2.0 to Web3.0, both the cloud as well as the identity ecosystem embrace themselves for a change in the way we perceived security. Blockchain is revolutionizing both the cloud industry as well as the financial sectors. In my talk, I will focus on the transformative impact of blockchain protocols like Filecoin and Storj which are playing a significant role in changing the way we have perceived cloud storage. Decentralized Cloud Storage will be the future for sustainable data storage in Web 3.0, in which we will move from a single service provider to create an ecosystem where anybody could be a cloud storage provider. Highly successful blockchain projects like Filecoin have been able to create such an ecosystem. But we are far away from attending the level of scale needed to reach out to every corner of the globe. Decentralized Cloud Storage poses a different set of security challenges and scalability issues. I will be presenting my research work which focuses on the new advances in tackling future security threats for decentralized cloud storage. Additionally, I will focus on discussing how to overcome scalability issues in the blockchain using the most advanced cryptographical tools knowns as zk-SNARKs.

Rohon Kundu
Rohon Kundu
Lund University
Rohon is a Ph.D. student working at the Department of Electrical and Information Technology, Lund University in Sweden. His primary research focus lies in analyzing the security aspects of various...

The Balance Between Decentralization and Efficiency

Currently, lots of topics are fast-moving in crypto. There is still a gap to be closed between non-crypto businesses and the application of blockchain technology. It is PolyCrypt's vision to realize the true power of decentralization – bringing privacy, speed, scalability and user freedom to the masses – as a frontier of innovation we passionately strive for excellence with no compromise on quality.

Marcel Kaiser
Marcel Kaiser
Marcel Kaiser is PolyCrypt's business developer and a pusher of progress. His hands-on approach and high energy help PolyCrypt move fast. He holds a Master's degree in economics and has experience...

Designing an European Identity Wallet: An overview of UI and UX aspects

The European Identity Wallet will be made available to all Europeans by the different Member states as part of the revised eIDAS regulation. In this talk Adrian Doerk will provide an overview of how a potential user interface (UI) might look like and will illustrate common challenges when designing customer centric user experience (UX) flows within the wallet. 

Adrian Doerk
Adrian Doerk
Main Incubator GmbH
Adrian Doerk is a trained IT-Systems Electrician with strong focus on decentralized architecture.  He's a vivid learner about the Identity space and facilitates communication for the Lissi...


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