Market Description

A more detailed description and definition of the market.

The DLP market is well-established and mature, but it continues to grow to meet increased demand and evolve as business needs, business IT environments, and cyber-attack methods change.

As a result, more mature vendors are introducing features to compete with newer market entrants, which tend to cater well for multi-cloud hybrid business IT environment, with good support for working from anywhere, and a strong focus on DLP for smaller organizations.

DLP not only remains a concern for larger organizations, particularly those with large amounts of sensitive data, but demand for DLP is increasing from smaller businesses because they are facing the same cyber threats and regulatory compliance requirements as large enterprises.

The DLP market remains strong because the benefits of deploying DLP capabilities include:

    Market Direction

    The analyst’s view on the trends and developments in the market.

    DLP vendors are likely to expand their capabilities in the cloud as more data and workflows move to cloud computing environments. There is also likely to be continued focus on interoperability with other security systems and controls, and greater use of machine learning and other AI technologies to discover and classify data as well as identity potentially malicious behaviors. The trend towards offering DLP as a managed service is also likely to continue, with vendors also paying increasing attention to reducing complexity and to improving user experiences for both administrators and end users.