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Embracing Decentralized Identity at EIC 2024

Blog Post

Embracing Decentralized Identity at EIC 2024

Marius Goeddert
Feb 02, 2024

In an era dominated by rapid digital transformation, the significance of decentralized identity cannot be overstated. As we navigate a landscape where privacy, security, and user control take center stage, decentralized identity emerges as a pivotal solution to these evolving challenges. This week, we are thrilled to unveil six distinguished speakers who are at the forefront of the decentralized identity revolution. Their insights and expertise will shape discussions at the European Identity and Cloud Conference, paving the way for a new era of digital identity management.

Why Decentralized Identity?

Decentralized identity represents a paradigm shift, empowering individuals with control over their digital personas. No longer confined to centralized databases, identity becomes user-centric, enhancing privacy and security. Join us in exploring how this transformative approach is reshaping the way we authenticate, authorize, and interact online.

At this year's conference, we explore the practical applications of decentralized identity. Our carefully curated sessions will explore real-world use cases, showcasing successful implementations across industries. From secure authentication processes to streamlined access control, each presentation will offer valuable insights into harnessing the power of decentralized identity.

Experts in Decentralized Identity at EIC 2024

Misha Deville is a co-founder of Mailchain, enabling secure communication between decentralized identifiers. She works with companies that are driving innovation in web3 and in traditional organizations to collaboratively build the necessary tools to drive adoption of SSI technologies.

Dominik Beron is the founder/CEO of walt.id, an open-source company that is building decentralized identity solutions for businesses and governments. Over the last years, he also served as an identity expert to the European Commission and EU member states.

Kim Hamilton Duffy is the Executive Director at the Decentralized Identity Foundation. As an expert and leader in the emerging decentralized identity space, she is driving standards and implementations through direct technical contributions and her leadership roles in the decentralized identity communities, including the W3C Credentials Community Group and the Decentralized Identity Foundation.

Rintaro Okamoto is the Head of Business Development for Decentralized Identity at DNP working on developing use cases and business/technology validation. In 2023. the 'Trust Collaboration Service across Mutual Aid Apps' was selected for the Digital Agency's 'Use Case Demonstration Project for the Realization of the Trusted Web'.

Dr. Carsten Stöcker is co-founder and CEO of Spherity where he is building decentralized digital identity management solutions to power the fourth industrial revolution. He serves as a Council Member of Global Future Network for the World Economic Forum.

Kristina Yasuda is an Identity Standards Architect at Microsoft, known for her work on standards in decentralized identity ecosystems: as an editor of OpenID for Verifiable Credentials specifications in OIDF, Selective Disclosure for JWTs draft in IETF, JWT-VC Presentation Profile in DIF; as a chair of Verifiable Credentials Working Group in W3C; and as a member of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17 working on mobile driving license.

Don't miss the chance to connect with industry leaders, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the role decentralized identity plays in shaping the future of digital interactions.

Secure your spot now and be part of the conversation that is shaping the future of identity in the digital age!

Marius Goeddert
KuppingerCole Analysts AG
Marius Goeddert joined KuppingerCole in 2019 as Marketing Manager Communications. He is responsible for corporate communications, public relations as well as direct marketing campaigns for events. Prior to joining KuppingerCole, Marius worked in media analysis, news monitoring and communications consulting for the automotive industry. He studied Political Science and American Studies.
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