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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Tuesday, June 04, 2024 19:50—20:00

Our industry is one that benefits from each of our efforts, especially those who help foster our technical standards and those who help each of us understand the complexities of digital identity. Remembering the achievements of those who have passed away is a meaningful act our community can undertake. Building on their achievements is to honor them further. In this talk, Allan Foster and Ian Glazer will remember two such luminaries and announce a new organization that is aimed at building on their achievements and at removing barriers to participation in our industry.

Allan Foster
Chief Evangelist
Identity Evangelist
Allan Foster has helped build ForgeRock into a multinational identity software vendor with offices on four continents. Allan’s deep technical knowledge has been well used in all aspects of...
Ian Glazer
Weave Identity
Ian Glazer is an accomplished IT Thought Leader and Product Management Executive with extensive experience in identity management, privacy, compliance, and access governance. He is a strategic...
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