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Will EUDI Wallets be Able to Support the Digital Euro?

Will EUDI Wallets be Able to Support the Digital Euro?

Combined Session
Friday, June 07, 2024 14:50—15:10
Location: C 01
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The European Central Bank is busily preparing for a potential launch of a Digital Euro, that would provide an electronic alternative to cash, significantly changing how we send money to each other. Any such system will have to meet an exacting set of requirements - including the ability to support massive scale and protecting of the privacy individuals whilst preventing fraud and money laundering. This talk will explore the potential role of EUDI Wallets in meeting these requirements, consider gaps that exist and explore additional technologies and capabilities that may be needed. To have utility digital wallets will need to support identity, payments and other credentials. It is essential therefore that we expand our identity-focused wallet thinking into some of those other areas.

Steve Pannifer
Consult Hyperion
Steve is CEO at Consult Hyperion, a leading independent payments and identity consulting firm. He has extensive experience advising payment schemes, banks, governments and vendors around the world...
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