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Food Supply Chain: Pioneering a Digital Farm Wallet with a Consortium in New Zealand

Food Supply Chain: Pioneering a Digital Farm Wallet with a Consortium in New Zealand

Combined Session
Friday, June 07, 2024 14:30—14:50
Location: C 01

In the rapidly evolving agricultural sector, the importance of data management and sharing has never been more critical. Traditional methods are no longer sufficient; they create compliance burdens, inefficiencies and face a lack of trust. New Zealand is undertaking a transformative approach with the Digital Farm Wallet pilot, conceived by the Trust Alliance New Zealand (TANZ), a non-profit industry consortium recognising that trusted data sharing is essential for the growth of New Zealand’s primary sector.

The TANZ Digital Farm Wallet Pilot Project exemplifies the commitment to empowering stakeholders to share and verify information in a trusted and permissioned manner, fostering trust and transparency throughout the value chain. This initiative aims to offer tangible proof of brand promises, while alleviating farms from the repetitive tasks of data management.

To ensure international market and financial access demand of digital proofs, such as environmental claims are increasing. The Digital Farm Wallet addresses this by facilitating the sharing of key data points like greenhouse gas and Scope 3 emissions, underscoring good management practices. Exploring various applications, this initiative aims to deliver real value for farmers and food processors.

Klaeri Schelhowe was contracted through Scheddebrock Ltd. to act as the Executive Director for TANZ. In this role she established an industry consortium to focus on trusted data sharing within the primary sector. A significant challenge was posed in bringing together the many and varied stakeholders, many of whom competed with each other, to cooperate in the development of a functioning ecosystem. Developing stakeholder understanding and willingness to engage in a co opetition model in order to build critical mass is a more complex and demanding undertaking than the adoption and deployment of the technology itself.

Klaeri Schelhowe
Managing Director
Scheddebrock Ltd.
With over two decades in executive roles with international corporates, Klaeri specialises in product identification and traceability, with a particular emphasis on the complexities of...
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