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Decentralized ID Technical Mastery Sprint for IT Architects and Project Managers

Decentralized ID Technical Mastery Sprint for IT Architects and Project Managers

Pre-conference Event
Tuesday, June 04, 2024 10:30—12:30
Location: B 05

This intensive 2-hour sprint is meticulously crafted for IT Architects and Project Managers, diving deep into the technical aspects and project management intricacies of decentralized identity systems. The session is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the architecture, integration challenges, and project management strategies essential for the successful implementation of decentralized identity solutions.

  1. Technical Foundations of Decentralized Identity (15 min):

    • Detailed overview of the technological underpinnings of decentralized identity systems.
    • Exploration of key components such as DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers), Verifiable Credentials, and the underlying blockchain or distributed ledger technologies.
    • Understanding privacy considerations, cryptographic mechanisms, and data integrity methods.
  2. Architectural Patterns and Best Practices (20 min):

    • Examination of common architectural patterns in decentralized identity systems.
    • Discussion on interoperability between different decentralized identity systems and legacy systems.
    • Best practices for scalability, reliability, and maintenance.
  3. Integration Challenges and Solutions (25 min):

    • Identifying and addressing common integration challenges when implementing decentralized identity.
    • Strategies for seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure.
    • Case studies on successful integrations and lessons learned.
  4. Project Management for Decentralized Identity Implementation (10 min):

    • Overview of project management strategies specific to decentralized identity projects.
    • Risk management, stakeholder engagement, and resource allocation for decentralized identity projects.
    • Agile vs. waterfall methodologies in the context of decentralized identity projects.
  5. Hands-On Workshop (20 min):

    • Participants engage in a hands-on exercise, applying their knowledge to design a basic decentralized identity architecture or integration plan.
    • Collaborative problem-solving session to tackle a common implementation challenge.
    • Feedback and discussion session to consolidate learning and share insights.

By the end of this sprint, IT Architects and Project Managers will possess a nuanced understanding of the technical and managerial aspects of decentralized identity systems. Participants will leave with actionable insights, ready to lead their teams in the adoption and implementation of decentralized identity solutions effectively.

Kim Hamilton Duffy
Executive Director
Decentralized Identity Foundation
Kim Hamilton Duffy is Executive Director of Decentralized Identity Foundation. She is passionate about creating innovative and human-centered solutions that unlock new opportunities for individuals...
Steven McCown
Chief Architect
Anonyome Labs
Steven McCown is a Chief Architect at Anonyome Labs and conducts R&D for security and privacy technologies, including:  encrypted messaging, decentralized identity, reusable credentials,...
Matthias Reinwarth
Head of Advisory
Matthias is Head of Advisory and oversees and leads the KuppingerCole advisory team. Additionally he acts as lead advisor in various customer projects. As head of the IAM practice, Matthias...
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