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Transforming IGA with Generative AI Capabilities

Transforming IGA with Generative AI Capabilities

Combined Session
Friday, June 07, 2024 12:10—12:30
Location: A 05-06

The IAM community grapples with various issues today, including complex UIs from vendors, vendor-specific jargon, and heavy reliance on SMEs for routine tasks, driving up service costs significantly. This presents a challenge for smaller organizations unable to afford such expenses, hindering their ability to derive benefits, despite training efforts. Large organizations face lengthy onboarding processes and complex implementations, frustrating business lines as they struggle to perform tasks efficiently. Generative AI simplifies the process by removing the need to decipher vendor terminology and navigate intricate UIs. It provides a uniform interface, enhances productivity, and leads to significant savings in deployment and maintenance. This approach enables all stakeholders, including deployment personnel and help desk teams, to effectively engage with IGA. The session will include a demonstration.

Sanjay Nadimpalli
Founder and CEO
Tuebora Inc
Sanjay established Tuebora with a strong conviction in the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language interfaces in IAM, aiming to slash costs, enhance organizational efficiency, bolster...
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