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Unlocking Identity Security with Behavioral Biometrics and AI

Unlocking Identity Security with Behavioral Biometrics and AI

Combined Session
Thursday, June 06, 2024 15:45—16:00
Location: A 05-06

This session will explore the expansive role of Behavioral Biometrics and AI in the broader scope of identity and cybersecurity. Our discussion will encompass a range of advanced techniques, including traditional typing habits and mouse movements, as well as cutting-edge methods such as voice recognition, gait analysis, and understanding interactions with mobile devices. We will explore how these unique behavioral aspects offer a more holistic and secure approach to identity verification, differentiating it from traditional methods. The session will also delve into real-world applications, the technology's evolution, its impact on privacy and security, and future trends in the field. Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of how Behavioral Biometrics and AI are shaping the future of identity security and cybersecurity.

Hammad Ul Haq Abbasi
Software Architect
Hammad Ul-Haq Abbasi is an accomplished Software Architect at EmpowerID, with a deep-rooted background in the tech industry for over 14 years. His career highlights include significant...
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